We are excited to announce that DENSsolutions has joined forces with Funa Scientific, our new dedicated distributor in China.

From left to right: Aaron Wan, Leo Li, Dan Zhou, Anton Qiu, Flora Cen, Simon Zhuang and Jerry Zhu

In the pursuit to strengthen and grow our business operations in China, DENSsolutions has partnered with Funa Scientific Co. – an established player in the electron microscopy industry. With this partnership, we plan to improve the speed and quality of our service and application support for our valued users in China. Moreover, we hope to make beneficial resources more accessible to local existing and potential customers, including user trainings, application support, webinars and publications. We are confident that this partnership will be fruitful for all parties involved, and most importantly for our customers. In this article, we introduce Funa Scientific so you can learn more about their services and values, as well as what to expect in the near future.

About Funa Scientific

Founded in 2012, Funa Scientific is a key provider of desktop scanning electron microscopes for universities, enterprises and research institutes. Importantly, they also help top overseas high-tech instrument manufacturers build a complete technical support and after-sales service system in the Chinese market, assisting users in scientific research innovation and problem-solving. At the very heart of the company is their customer-centric approach, whereby the innovation of products and the progress of the company are inseparable from the support of customers. Funa Scientific has an expansive customer base, including users from the most well-known enterprises and institutions around the world, accounting for 80% of the Fortune Global 500 companies, like Sony, Johnson Matthey, NASA and Siemens.

Funa Scientific conducts business in various regions of China, and each region has numerous sales engineers, application engineers and after-sales engineers. The company has testing centres and after-sales service centres in major cities across China, including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Chengdu.

Through long-term cooperation with key players in the microscopy industry to develop products such as the Thermo Fisher Scientific desktop scanning electron microscopes, VSParticle’s nano-research platform, Technoorg Linda’s Ar+ ion beam milling system and Forge Nano’s atomic layer deposition solutions, they have accumulated rich experience in the electron microscopy industry and nanoscale research technology. 

A bright future ahead

From this point onwards, Funa Scientific is the official distributor and business partner of DENssolutions in the Chinese market, fully responsible for the marketing, sales and service activities in China surrounding our solutions. Currently, Funa Scientific is working on setting up a dedicated local application research team and a Chinese website to be launched in the near future, which will feature the latest information about our advanced solutions and in situ microscopy news. Given Funa Scientific’s extensive expertise in the Chinese market, we are confident that this partnership will enable us to deliver our innovative solutions to a wider audience and better serve our customer base in China. We truly look forward to working closely with Funa Scientific to realize the bright future ahead.


If you have any questions for Funa Scientific, please reach out to their Product Director, Aaron Wan via email: aaron.wan@phenom-china.com or telephone: +8618516023887. Moreover, if you are based in China, we warmly encourage you to follow our WeChat account, run by Funa Scientific, so you can get all the latest updates. You can do so via this link or by scanning the following QR code. 

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