In Situ TEM Liquid + Biasing or Heating

Controlled dynamics in the liquid state

Liquid phase microscopy has become increasingly popular, as it provides new insight into important processes of various research topics within material science, chemistry and biology.
The Stream In Situ Liquid Solution radically changes the way experiments in liquid are carried out. The innovative technology brought to you by DENSsolutions offers for the first time

  • Accurate flow and pressure control
  • Controlled membrane bulging
  • Extended experimental flexibility

Stream Application Fields

Pressure-based liquid pump

Gain full fluidic control 

The pressure-based liquid pump provides you with full control over the experiments

The new Nano-Cell

Controlled liquid environment within the microscope

The Stream Nano-Cells change radically the way experiments in liquid are performed.


  • Defined liquid channel and no dead volumes
  • Pressurized inlet and outlet to accurately define pressure and flow rate, independently
  • Drastically reduced bulging for easier imaging

Modular Sample Holder

Ensure a clean experiment with a removable tip & tubing

Once the Nano-Cell is placed into the self-aligning precision slot within the Sample Holder tip, the O-rings and lid are sealed and the system is ready for vacuum testing. As the tip is removable, the internal liquid tubing can be replaced at any time to avoid clogging/cross-contamination and can be cleaned.

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