Sample Preparation tips

FIB Lamella

One of the most crucial applications of a focused ion beam (FIB) is preparing and transferring lamellae for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) investigations. Typically, sample preparation using a FIB is a very time-consuming and risky procedure.

This technique decreases preparation time, while diminishing the risks involved during thinning and transferring of the lamella.

Graphene Transfer

Specially designed technique for graphene transfer onto our Nano-Chips.

Nanoparticles / Powders

For nanoparticle and crushed powder samples, simply pipette the solution directly onto the microheater spiral of the Nano-Chip.

Thin Film

Using a thin film deposition device, place your Nano-Chip in the sputtering chamber and deposit the film onto the device.

Sample Preparation Guides


Drop casting & Sputtering

Sample Preparation PDF Guide

FIB stub 3.0

Sample Preparation PDF Guide

Low Dimensional Materials

Sample Preparation PDF Guide

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