Introducing Lightning Arctic: Our latest in situ solution

DENSsolutions introduces its latest product: Lightning Arctic – an innovative in situ solution that combines cooling, biasing and heating functionalities all in one system.

Introducing the Stream Liquid Supply System

The DENSsolutions Stream Liquid Supply system is an integrated solution designed to offer you ease-of-use, flexibility and reproducibility in your in situ liquid experiments.

Climate takes home the Microscopy Today 2021 Innovation Award

The DENSsolutions Climate system bas been recognized as one of the 10 most game-changing microscopy innovations of 2021

Introducing the Climate Vaporizer

The DENSsolutions Climate Vaporizer elevates your in situ experiments by enabling you to work with and even humidify 3 different types of gases at once.

Scientists find an alternate route towards CO₂ reduction

The DENSsolutions Climate In Situ TEM system enables a paramount discovery in the fight against climate change and global warming

Watch carbon nanotube growth in extensive detail

DENSsolutions Climate In situ TEM solution allows for the direct observation of catalytic processes at relevant pressure and temperature conditions

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In situ LPEM: Illuminating the electrochemical nanoscale dynamics of active materials

In situ LPEM: Illuminating the electrochemical nanoscale dynamics of active materials

In a recent study published in the renowned journal of ACS Nano, a team of researchers employed the DENSsolutions Stream system to investigate the dynamics of electrochemically driven active materials. This research, involving our dear user at UC Irvine, Prof. Dr. Joe Patterson, is a major step forward in using electrochemical liquid EM to understand the dissipative self-assembly processes that generate active materials – a research space that remains largely unexplored.

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DENSsolutions joins the In-Situ Microscopy Alliance

DENSsolutions joins the In-Situ Microscopy Alliance

We are delighted to announce our recent membership in the In-situ Microscopy Alliance (IMA) – a collective of specialists in electron microscopy and complementary analytical methods collaborating towards a sustainable future. Discover more about IMA, including its partners and mission, in the following article.

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DENSsolutions partners with Bioz for AI-powered scientific search

DENSsolutions partners with Bioz for AI-powered scientific search

We’re excited to announce the integration of a state-of-the-art publications search tool, powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, across multiple pages on our website. Developed in collaboration with Bioz, this innovative tool seamlessly scans through vast repositories of scientific papers, providing you with access to a wealth of information through sophisticated filtering capabilities.

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