The TOP 100 innovative Dutch SMEs

The Netherlands are the place to be when it comes to innovation: the Dutch Chamber of Commerce selects every year the 100 most innovative SMEs and, yesterday, it was announced DENSsolutions came in 6th position. It is an achievement that makes us very proud and further motivates us to increase the impact of in situ microscopy on your lives.
A big contribution to the result comes from the Climate in situ EM gas&heating solution and its impact on how scientists across the world are trying to solve environmental issues.
Why is the Climate so impactful then?

  • true dynamic mixing: change at will gas composition, in seconds and with any partial pressure.
  • explore the kinetics of your reaction with gas analysis, at any flow rate
  • analyze the thermodynamics of the processes thanks to a Nano-reactor designed for calorimetry,

Read more about the Climate HERE.