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Nanotalks brings the TEM community to the comfort of your personal computer with researchers and industry experts presenting their most recent work and techniques. To learn from some of the best or network with researchers in your field, Nanotalks shares the latest in-situ knowledge to build a global community of in-situ TEM researchers.

In Situ Study of Thermal Degradation of Perovskite-based Solar Cells

Dr. Giorgio Divitini
University of Cambridge
Cambridge, United Kingdom
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Quantification of Atomic Vibrations in Mono-Layer Graphene

Dr. Christopher Allen
University of Oxford
Oxford, United Kingdom
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Introducing an Easier and Reliable Method to Prepare and Transfer Fibbed Lamellas

Dr. Hugo Perez
Delft, The Netherlands
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In Situ TEM as a Powerful Tool for Studying a Domain Evolution in Piezoceramics

Drs. Marina Zakhozheva
Technical University Darmstadt
Darmstadt, Germany
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Environmental TEM in the In Situ Toolbox for Materials Science

Prof. Jakob Wagner
Technical University of Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark
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