Deloitte Fast 50 Final Ranking

Last Thursday, the results of the Dutch Deloitte Fast 50 have been announced at the official ceremony in Utrecht . We have been awarded the 1st place in the “hardware” section and 22nd overall. The final ranking is available here
It’s simply an amazing achievement that rewards our work and dedication in the field of in situ electron microscopy; the award gives a further boost to our commitment of moving the frontiers of in situ EM further and further in the next years.
From the entire DENSsolutions team, a big thanks to our customers, distributors and suppliers for making it possible.

The All-new Heating Nano-Chip

Are you ready for a game changer in the MEMS heating arena? We are glad to inform you that we will be launching our new heating Nano-Chip very soon.
What’s new?

      • Negligible Z-displacement (aka bulging)
      • Fastest drift stabilization after any temperature change
      • Maximized temperature range for EDS
      • Largest viewable area with homogeneous temperature
      • Optimized for sample loading
      • …and more

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