From left to right: Wei Liu, Yu Xiao, Lijian Geng, Yan Jin, Dan Zhou, Xi Liu

We believe that it is now more important than ever to expand our efforts in enabling fundamental research in the fields of catalysis and sustainable energy. In line with the emphasis we place on multinational collaborations, we have partnered with the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) in China in order to accelerate these fields and achieve results together. To celebrate the establishment of the DICP-DENS in-situ electron microscopy technology application laboratory, an exciting ceremony was recently held at DICP in which numerous speakers took the stage to share their areas of expertise. 

The DICP-DENS collaborative application laboratory combines the extensive research capabilities of DICP, China’s leading and most influential catalysis research institute, with the advanced technology and outstanding research and development capabilities of DENSsolutions in the in-situ field. DENSsolutions will equip a complete Climate G+ system at the Xishan Lake Electron Microscope Center for in-situ atmosphere and heating TEM studies. The aim of this collaboration is to expand the frontiers of catalysis research and deepen our understanding of the energy conservation process. 

Opening ceremony

The event was hosted by Yan Jin, Deputy Director of the Energy Research Technology Platform of DICP. During the opening ceremony, both Yu Xiao, Director of Science and Technology Department of DICP, and Lijian Geng, Chairman and General Manager of ALTA Scientific delivered speeches.

Host Yan Jin opening the ceremony

Researcher Yu Xiao first welcomed the guests and expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration between DICP and DENSsolutions for the realization of this application laboratory. He also relayed his hopes that this cooperation could develop in a long-term and stable manner, and that the results of this cooperation could be realized as soon as possible.

On behalf of ALTA Scientific and DENSsolutions, Lijian Geng then made an affectionate review depicting the lengthy history of the cooperation between the two parties, thanking those who made it possible. He expressed his gratitude to the many experts and professors who could not be present for the opening as well as to DENSsolutions CEO, Ben Bormans and CCO, Robert Endert for their continuous support.

Finally, DENSsolutions CTO Dr. Hugo Perez Garza delivered a digital speech, in which he expressed his excitement and gratitude on behalf of the DENSsolutions team for the trust that DICP has placed in us as a reliable partner. In his video, he signed the contract that formalizes the collaboration and expressed his confidence in a fruitful collaboration. This celebratory video is shown below.

Dr. Hugo Perez Garza delivering a digital celebratory speech 

Unveiling ceremony

After the opening event, researcher Yu Xiao, representing DICP, and Geng Lijian, representing DENSsolutions and ALTA Scientific, held an unveiling ceremony of the joint laboratory. This marked the official establishment of the DICP-DENS in-situ electron microscopy technology application laboratory.

Yu Xiao and Lijian Geng during the unveiling ceremony

Application seminar

In the second half of the conference, three speakers were invited to give talks during the application seminar. First, Professor Wei Liu gave a detailed introduction to the current configuration and construction of the Xishan Lake electron microscope platform of DICP and the team’s latest research results in the in-situ field. He also shared his thoughts and prospects on in-situ electron microscopy technology.

Next, DENSsolutions Senior Application Scientist Dr. Dan Zhou introduced in detail the leading advantages of the DENSsolutions Climate in-situ TEM gas and heating system and the latest research and development progress. She also shared some recent developments in application results.

Finally, Dr. Xi Liu from Shanghai Jiaotong University introduced his current application of in-situ aberration-corrected gas and heating TEM in heterogenous catalysis and the surface science of iron oxide reduction. He detailed the importance of the existence of in-situ TEM and explained that when combined with other characterization methods, in-situ TEM can have both super-high-resolution volume and surface characterization capabilities, thereby providing a basis for the establishment of new characterization methodology.

The three speeches during the application seminar deepened everyone’s understanding of in-situ technology and won a warm applause from the participants.

Wei Liu presenting the latest research results of the DICP research team in the in situ field

Dr. Dan Zhou giving a speech about the DENSsolutions Climate system

Xi Liu giving a speech about his current application of in situ TEM 

We are very excited to unravel the ample potential that this collaboration has in regards to advancing research in the field of catalysis and sustainable energy, and we hope to play a key role in the fight against climate change.

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