An interview with Dr. Hugo Pérez-Garza, the newly appointed CEO of DENSsolutions.

We are excited to announce the appointment of DENSsolutions’ new CEO: Dr. Hugo Pérez-Garza, a longstanding pillar within this company. Dr. Hugo Pérez-Garza is a highly experienced and well-regarded leader with a strong feel for both science and business. During the last 3 years, Hugo has passionately and successfully led the technological roadmap and strategic positioning of DENSsolutions as Chief Technology Officer. With his unique skillset, extensive experience and diverse knowledge, Hugo certainly has the blueprint to propel the success of DENSsolutions to unprecedented heights.

In this article, we interview Hugo to learn everything from how this appointment came to be, the changes he would like to implement as the new CEO, to the exciting vision he has for DENSsolutions.

Can you tell us a little bit about how your appointment of CEO came to be?

“After many years of hard work, full of achievements thanks to his never-ending commitment to deliver results and his capability for entrepreneurial vision, our former CEO, Mr. Ben Bormans, reached his age of retirement. I´ve been very lucky in my career to have learned from someone like Ben, and I´m very thankful for the opportunity he has given me to join this amazing company. Throughout all these years of working together, Ben was the mentor who coached me and challenged me to become a better version of myself. Particularly during my former years as the CTO, Ben gave me all the trust and confidence to completely steer the direction of this company from a technological standpoint, while advising me on how to steer also from a business perspective. So after his decision to retire, I received the trust from him and the shareholders to step in as the new CEO, and thus to provide business growth, new energy and opportunities to move in new directions.” 

How do you feel your knowledge and experience will further the success of the DENSsolutions as the new CEO?

“I feel that I’m at a point in my career where I have the right combination of experience, ambition and energy in order to embark upon a nice professional challenge like this. But in particular, I believe that I have a strong knowledge base about the business and its technology, its customers and the external factors that are likely to impact our company. This should allow us to achieve a better match between our technical vision and our business ambition, and it will help me to identify faster the things that might need to change, so that decisions can be executed in a structured and properly planned manner. At the end of the day, I intend to bring innovation to our business model, our strategy and our people management style. By doing this, I want to highlight the importance of putting ‘dynamics ahead of mechanics’.” 

What are some changes you would like to implement as DENSsolutions’ newly-appointed CEO?

“First of all I want to implement new internal procedures to increase and strengthen the alignment among different departments. During this process, I want to ensure that I match our talent to value, which goes beyond employee engagement, and combine speed with stability. Before the end of this year, I want to get the whole team aligned on our upcoming roadmap, but also on the vision that I have for the medium and long term. This will help us become more efficient in how we operate. Overall I want to promote a forward-looking agenda and empower our employees to exploit their talents to the fullest.”

What vision do you have for DENSsolutions in the near future?

“One of the things that I´ve always highlighted about DENSsolutions, is the enormous talent of our people and the strength of our team. When you have these assets, and you combine them with a strong vision, great things can happen. And that’s precisely the foundation that I’m laying on for our near, medium and long-term future. For the near future, I want to ensure that we can finalize and launch some important and new developments, which will strengthen our value proposition and our presence in the market. But since technological innovation (and thus the RnD department) is not the only crucial aspect of our business, I also intend to set in motion new ideas for marketing, sales and operations. The roadmap is already in motion, and we are fully committed to delivering increasing value to our customers.”

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