DENSsolutions presence at STEM meeting, Tianjin University of Technology

We are proud to be among one of the leading high tech companies invited for this meeting. In 2016, the prestige Tianjin University of Technology became the first client in China to use a Stream In Situ Liquid and Biasing system. At the same time they became a DECEM (DENSsolutions essence center of electron microscopy) and just recently they created a big impact with their new discoveries on single atom catalyst, with a significant contribution of Prof. Jun Luo, using our Climate In Situ Gas and Heating system.

Tianjin city

STEM Meeting, Tianjin University of Technology May 16-18

This meeting, organized by our dear customer Prof. Jun Luo, will host 40 well-known experts and scholars in electron microscopy and materials science to discuss the latest developments in the fields of materials science, applied physics, chemistry, and chemical engineering.

Dr. Hongyu Sun
Stream Demo: In Situ TEM Liquid + Heating or Biasing

On the 18th of may, our Application Specialist Dr. Hongy Sun wil give a demonstration of our latest system which allows for high resolution liquid phase TEM. With a unique level of control over a.o. the membrane bulging and liquid flow rate. Dr. Hongyu will demonstrate the sytem showing controllable electro deposition of copper layers in liquid.

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Dr. Qiang Xu

Presentation: Stream – New generation of In Situ liquid system

Also on the 18th of may, our Vp of Business Development, Dr. Qiang Xu will give a presentation on the Stream system. Explaining how we at DENSsolutions achieve to create a reliable and user friendly solution taking in to account the complexity of hardware, software and methodology.

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