DENSsolutions is proud to partner with Quantum Design Italy  to serve the Italian market. Quantum Design has been one of the leading European distributors of high-tech instrumentation for scientific, academic and industrial research for over 45 years. DENSsolutions will strengthen their TEM portfolio with innovative MEMS based In Situ solutions and together we can build and strengthen relationships with research groups in Italy.

“Since the first discussion with Ben, this felt like a perfect match! As a manufacturer of high-end scientific instruments and a distributor with a global network, Quantum Design is always looking for partnerships with companies that share the same passion for science and innovation. In the team of DENSsolutions we found people with the very same drive as us to bring the highest quality equipment into any lab. Both teams aim to provide scientists with tools to make their research possible, turn their ideas into results and work in close collaboration with them. That’s what both teams do, every single day. Together, we can be even closer to researchers, we love to think that this partnership will benefit mainly our customers (but we ourselves will also have a lot fun!).”

Diego Vitaglione, Managing Director – QD Italy

“Signing a distribution agreement with Quantum Design Italy S.r.l for DENSsolutions was a very special occasion for me. I am sure that working with the team in QD Italy will be a big pleasure for our team in Delft as everyone I met was very knowledgeable, energetic and passionate about their business; at DENSsolutions we like people who are passionate about Science and Business. As an added bonus, we signed this agreement in Rome which is my favourite city for many, many reasons. Rome has been a
melting pot for people and cultures for 2500 years and as DENSsolutions wants to truly become a global company, having the people of QD Italy on board brings some very good “global” genes into our company. At DENSsolutions we will work hard to make this partnership with QD Italy a big success.”
Ben Bormans, CEO -DENSsolutions

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