DENSsolutions presence at the 4th International Conference on Materials Microstructure and Performance (MPM4).

Zhejiang University and DENSsolutions have a long standing relationship. In 2013 already, the prestige Zhejiang University became one of our first clients. Choosing the wildfire system for its high stability at elevated temperatures. Later they also acquired the Lightning Biasing system and the Climate combined Gas and Heating system. Using the Climate system they published several high impact publications like the ones, among others, on Nanoparticles and Pd Nanocrystals.  

2015 Presentation by by DENSsolutions at Zhejiang University Conference

MPM4 conference, Zhejiang University May 15-19

This conference, organized by School of Materials Science and Engineering, will focus on the latest developments in In situ Electron Microscopy, Biological materials, Semiconductor optoelectronic materials and Energy storage materials and battery technology.

Zhejiang University in collaboration with our distributor DENS ALTA technologies will give a demonstration of the Climate In Situ Gas and Heating system on the 16th of May in their Center of Electron Microscopy.

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Dr. Qiang Xu

Presentation: Stream – New generation of In Situ liquid system

Also on the 16th of may, our Vp of Business Development, Dr. Qiang Xu,  will give a presentation on our Stream In Situ liquid and biasing system. Explaining how we at DENSsolutions achieve to create a reliable and user friendly solution taking in to account the complexity of hardware, software and methodology.

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