Stratus Software

The easy-to-use software that automates and operates the Gas Supply System

Catalysis and gas-solid research requires the setup and management of a number of parameters, and Stratus makes operating the Gas Supply System and experiment conditions seamless. The graphical interface is easy to navigate with clear menu buttons to select, program, and automate the workflows required for each experiment. Running basic to advanced experiments can be simply setup and changed at any stage throughout the experiment. Stratus provides the user with the freedom to experiment!


Fast and direct control over the Gas Supply System

Stratus offers users two working modes – Direct Control & Flowsheet – for as little or as much control of the Gas Supply System. This in combination with the Program Builder and clear real-time data graphs, Stratus makes controlling the total gas experiment fast and easy.

Dual Operating Modes
Quick Safe Controls
Program Builder

System Preparation

Automated prompts at every step

The workflow within Stratus is simple and step by step! Before every experiment, the below four steps must be completed which ensures (1) the system is clean & contamination free and (2) the Sample Holder is vacuum tight and safe for inserting into the microscope. After successful completion of this workflow, the Sample Holder can be inserted into the microscope ready to begin the experiment.


Fast Control

Direct Control mode for precise & fast control

Stratus offers users two working modes for as little or as much control of the Gas Supply System. For precise and fast control, the Direct Control mode allows for quick changes of flow rate or pressure by either (1) entering the desired value or (2) moving the slider button right to increase or left to decrease. After setting the gas conditions, the mixing valve selection can be made deciding to flow the gas to (1) the Nano-Reactor or (2) exhaust. Finally, selecting the Update Values button will initiate the changes and ensure that no accidental changes are made without confirmation.


Advanced Control

Flowsheet mode for total control of all functions

For advanced control of the Gas Supply System, the Flowsheet mode enables the user for independent selection of every inlet, valve, regulator, pump and gas in the system. With simple one click valve open/close icons and fields to enter the exact amount of gas / pressure you would prefer, Stratus provides the freedom to experiment safely. The colour coded gas lines display clearly which valves are open and flowing to the Nano-Reactor or exhaust. When selecting the mixing valve, the gases are mixed and displayed as shown below – dashed 2 or 3 colours.


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