Gas Analyzer


In Situ gas analysis


The DENSsolutions Gas Analyzer is designed to work seamlessly with the Climate in situ Gas & Heating solution. By enabling analysis of reaction products, it transforms the Climate into the only platform in the market able to combine TEM-based data with information about the kinetics of the reaction under examination.

Catalytic Activity as a function of reactants concentration

Reactants’ partial pressures influence catalytic activity. Thanks to the advanced Climate gas supply system, users can change the concentration of the reactants in real time and immediately observe variations in reaction’s activity via the Gas Analyzer.

Catalytic oscillatory gas production and microcalorimetry

Catalytic reactions may show oscillatory behavior. The DENSsolutions Gas Analyzer enables fast and accurate observation of any fast dynamic changes to reaction’s kinetics. The addition of microcalorimetry data further deepens the knowledge of the reaction’s behavior.