Gas Supply Systems


On-site control of real-world catalyst reaction conditions.


The Climate Gas Supply Systems are a game changer for in situ TEM catalysis research. They integrate all control functions into one smooth platform. Optimised for the Nano-Reactor, the Gas Supply Systems control the gas parameters at the sample allowing for imaging and analysis of catalyst particles at the atomic scale.

The Gas Supply Systems include three gas lines, allowing the control of pressure and flow inside the Nano-Reactor and the real time dynamic mixing of up to 3 gases. The user has direct control via the easy-to-use Impulse Software. Reproducible experiments and results can be obtained with a few mouse-clicks!

Ultra Fast Flow Control Unit


Changing gas environment takes seconds, not minutes!


The robust and uniquely characteristic Climate G+ swing arm allows for the Gas Supply System to be positioned conveniently within the TEM room. The Flow Control Unit at the end of the swing arm can be maneuvered and adjusted, allowing for the Flow Control Unit to be positioned perfectly behind the Climate Sample Holder. This allows the Climate G+ user to keep the distance between the pressure controllers inside the Flow Control Unit and the Nano-Reactor as short as possible to enable fast and direct control over gas flow and pressure around the sample. Typically, changing the gas conditions via the Impulse Software results in the sample environment change in less than 15 seconds.

Flow control unit

Twin Pressure Controllers


Precise pressure control before and after the sample!


As the Gas Supply System for Climate has been specifically designed for the Nano-Reactor, twin pressure controllers are mounted in the Flow Control Unit to precisely control the pressure and flow rate into and from the Nano-Reactor (or inlet & outlet to the sample holder). This enables the user to perform experiments with (1) an equal pressure and different flow rates or (2) varying pressures and equal flow rate. Without the outlet pressure controller, a stable back pressure is not possible due to the variables relating to vacuum performance of the pump over time. Therefore, the twin pressure controller setup ensures a reliable flow rate and pressure at the Nano-Reactor.

Patent Protected Mixing Valve

Fast & easy control of the gas composition!

On-site Mixing
Patent Protected
User Control

The Gas Supply System for Climate G+ with it’s unique mixing valve provides users with total control of the gas composition without the need for a mixing tank. Changing the gases and/or the composition happens within seconds and directly changes the environment inside the Nano-Reactor that surrounds the sample. Similarly to all components of the Gas Supply System, the mixing value is fully controlled via the Impulse Software and allows for customisation of the workflow to the specific needs of the user/experiment.

Mixing station - new logo

Dynamic mixing of up to three gases

3 Mountable Bottles
Quick Connect Inlets
Patented Mixing Valve

Three gas cylinders of up to 10L can be mounted on the left side of the Mixing Station and connected to the Quick Connect gas inlets. Each gas inlet has a mass flow controller that is calibrated for a specific list of gases. Oxidizing and reducing gases are separated by different inlet lines with the third used for inert gases that can purge the Gas Supply System / Nano-Reactor or dilute reaction gases in an accurate and controlled ratio.

Vacuum Test Tube

Safe & Clean storage of the Sample Holder!

Contamination Free
Secure Vacuum Storage
Safety Leak Testing

As an integrated feature to the Gas Supply System, a Vacuum Test Tube is used to safely store the Sample Holder in a contamination free vacuum environment. In addition to the safe storage of the Sample Holder, the Vacuum Test Tube also serves as a leak tester following the assembly of the Nano-Reactor. This ensures that any misalignment done during assembly can be quickly identified before inserting the holder into the microscope.

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