The revolutionary


An innovation that enables you to focus on sample and experiment: the Nano-Chip is specifically designed to provide unrivaled sample stability, better homogeneity over the largest viewable area, shortest settling time, higher temperature for EDS and easier sample loading.

Sample Preparation made easy

No topography near the windows allows easier thin film (graphene) deposition
and eliminates the capillarity effect during drop-casting. Increased membrane stiffness simplifies FIB sample preparation.

Viewable area

Window Designs 

FIB lamellas

The circular shape of these windows and the absence of topography around these windows make them ideal for positioning FIB lamellas in any direction. 

Best temperature homogeneity

These windows are placed in the centre of the microheater and allow the highest temperature homogeneity. Additionally, the surrounding metal further reduces the charging effect.

High tilting

The elongated windows, placed perpendicular to the alpha tilt axis, offer optimal sample visibility at high tilt angles, perfect for tomography.

Optimized Temperature Homogeneity


Never miss a thing

Directly observe dynamics at the highest resolution after fast temperature change without tedious adjustments.


Easily correlate structural transformations with chemical changes of your material at the highest temperature.

Reduced bulging

So far bulging (height change of the membrane while changing temperature and therefore blurred images) was unavoidable. 


Bulging up to 500 °C

< 7 µm

Bulging at 1300 °C

Sample stability

Apply the largest temperature step and the region of interest (ROI) remains in the field of view with the highest sample stability.

< 200 nm

ROI displacement, ΔT = 1000 °C

< 0.3 nm/min

Drift Rate at 1000 °C

Maps courtesy of Bruker

Chemical analysis

Chemical changes are key to fully understand processes. Due to reduced infrared emission it is now possible to acquire EDS spectra and maps even at 1000 °C.

EDS maximum temperature

Additional Features & Benefits

Long Life-Time

A carefully developed manufacturing process of the Nano-Chips allows to extend substantially their life time at elevated temperatures (>90 hours) while maintaining the guaranteed temperature accuracy.

Guaranteed Temperature Accuracy

The 4-point-probe measurement enables high temperature accuracy, unrivaled temperature stability and short response time. The accuracy of Wildfire Nano-Chips has been proven by customers using different TEM techniques (EELS and Diffraction).

Nano-Chip Support Film Range

Silicon Nitride

Amorphous silicon nitride support films (or Si3N4) are the standard configuration for all Wildfire Nano-Chips. Silicon nitride has many advantages including being chemically inert, mechanically robust and can withstand harsh chemical and temperature environments.


Through-hole Nano-Chips are fabricated for FIB lamella applications and 2D sheets like graphene. This Nano-Chip has no support as such kind of samples can be prepared across the windows. Having multiple windows, a number of lamellae can be prepared onto the same Nano-Chip.

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