The new DENSsolutions in situ portfolio

We are happy to announce our new in situ portfolio. It includes new products and new names for all of our solutions. The new names clearly indicate the kind of stimuli offered by the solution: H means heating, B biasing, G gas and L liquid.  The symbol + describes additional functionality.
We are working hard to prepare the new brochures but, in the meantime, we have made available the datasheets to provide readers with a great deal of information.
On a different note, you may notice that the Ocean family has been excluded from this release. We have some amazing updates lined up for you and we will announce a completely new solution for liquid phase electron microscopy (LP EM) in a few weeks. Make sure you register to our news bulletin to be fully up to date on the latest and greatest functionality for in situ TEM.

After the successful launch of our improved Nano-Chips, we are now further expanding the Wildfire family with the introduction of  an entry level system, the Wildfire H. This attractive product  incorporates the same stability and technological advantages of our well known heating solutions with a restricted temperature range . Relevant to users that are not in need of higher temperatures, it is also meant to make heating widely available to the scientific community. Whether you are a novice or an experienced user, with the wildfire H you can now enjoy the unrivalled stability of DENSsolutions Wildfire up to temperatures of 600C and at a very attractive price point.
Here’s the new Wildfire portfolio:


 Wildfire H

Single tilt in situ heating, Tmax 600 °C

Wildfire H+

Single tilt in situ heating

Wildfire H+ 3D

Single tilt tomography in situ heating

Wildfire H+ DT

Double tilt in situ heating

A key update in Lightning product family is the launch of our new generation Lightning Nano-Chips for simultaneous heating & biasing. These brand new nano-chips now match the stability as the brand new Wildfire Nano-chips, meaning that when changing temperature the Z-displacement (aka bulging) will be negligible up to 500 °C. Together with low drift, short settling time and improved analytical performance, this  further enhances the market leading performance and usability of the system.
Here’s the new Lightning portfolio:



Lightning HB

Double tilt in situ heating OR biasing
Lightning HB+

Double tilt in situ heating AND biasing

The Climate family sees the introduction of two new members. Many materials show interesting behavior when in contact with air and when exposed to high temperatures: that’s why we have introduced the Climate AIR. The Climate AIR eliminates the barrier of vacuum in the TEM and allows users to look at samples in air and static conditions with the possibility of heating up to 1000 °C. The second new family member, the Climate G, fits between the Climate AIR and the Climate G+. This system uses a single gas line, and enables the visualization of real time dynamics with the gas mixture of choice. Switching between any of the 3 bottles happens in 60 s thanks to the Quick Connect inlets and experiments can be performed in static or flow modes. The top-of-the-line Climate G+ offers the highest  flexibility for real-time measurements in gasses and is designed for the most demanding users. The three gas inlets, coupled to the patented mixing valves, offer true real time dynamic mixing (seconds, not minutes) with dilutions down to 0.1%. The Climate G+ is the instrument of choice for users that want to access full experimental control of their gas composition and have it delivered quickly to the sample. The entire family, thanks to the unique Nanoreactor design, is optimized for high sensitivity gas analysis (down to 5 ppm of carbon dioxide) with the optional DENSsolutions Gas Analyzer.
As usual, thanks to the modular design of the Climate, upgrade paths are available.
Here’s the new Climate portfolio:



Climate AIR

Single tilt in situ gas (air)&heating
 Climate G

Single tilt in situ gas&heating, single gas line

 Climate G+

Single tilt in situ gas&heating, three gas lines (dynamic mixing)