Environmental TEM in the In Situ Toolbox for Materials Science

Nanotalks with Prof. Jakob Wagner from the Technical University of Denmark


1) Introduction (1:06)
2) Environmental Transmission Electron Microscope Design (7:04)
3) Solid Oxide Fuel Cells – Failure Analysis of Anode (10:56)
4) Copper Oxide Nanowires- Anisotropic Oxidation (17:34)
5) Fast Electron – Gas interaction – Next Steps in Quantitative ETEM (24:06)
6) Graphene – Planar Growth of Carbon Layers (33:59)

Prof. Jakob B. Wagner

Professor, Scientific Director

Technical University of Denmark | Centre for Electron Nanoscopy Topic | Environmental TEM in the In Situ Toolbox for Materials Science
Email: jakob.wagner@cen.dtu.dk
Website: www.dtu.dk


Environmental TEM in the In Situ Toolbox for Materials Science

Jakob B. Wagner, Jens Kling, Christian D. Damsgaard & Thomas W. Hansen | Technical University of Denmark Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) has been instrumental in understanding fundamental properties of nanostructured materials, from heterogeneous catalysts for speeding up chemistry to nanowires for efficient lighting with LEDs and to graphene proposed as the new revolution in semiconducting devices to name but a few. Investigating properties of these materials is facilitated by state-of-the-art instrumentation and development of new techniques within the microscope. Advanced techniques within the TEM framework such as electron holography and environmental TEM (ETEM) gives an extra dimension of the characterization and thereby understanding of nanostructured materials in various environments. The increasing use of particularly ETEM in materials science provides exciting new possibilities for investigating chemical reactions. Careful experimentation can provide input for the development of new generations of catalysts and photocatalysts for e.g. energy production. In order to design experiments with the highest chance of a successful outcome, a detailed understanding of both the interaction of fast electrons with gas molecules, the effect of the presence of gas on high-resolution imaging and the behavior in this environment is necessary. If data is to be interpreted quantitatively, interaction of the primary electrons with gas molecules must be taken into account. Whereas conventional TEM samples are usually thin (below 10-20 nm), the dilute gas in the environmental cell fills the entire gap between the pole pieces and is thus not spatially localized. In this Nanotalks episode, Prof. Wagner will provide examples of in-situ characterization of the dynamical response of nanostructured materials to various gaseous environments and elevated temperature. Furthermore, he will discuss the influence of the interaction between the swift electron and the gas molecules present in the microscope during ETEM experiments.

Recent Publications


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