The ultimate solution for Liquid Phase TEM

Are you ready to take full control over your liquid phase TEM experiments? Stream is the only system on the market that allows you to do so. Where other system only claim to have flow control, Stream really does. Because of our unique on-chip inlet and outlet, we are the only ones that can guarantee you control over your sample to liquid interaction. Get in touch with us today and see what Stream can do for you!

Next step

Next generation liquid control

In our unique Nano-Cell design, the liquid directly enters the chip through an inlet, is guided over the sample by a defined channel and leaves the chip through an outlet.
Combined with the ability to regulate the inlet and outlet pressure, the user is now able to control the speed, pressure and direction of the liquid inside the cell.

Modular Sample Holder

Ensure a clean experiment, every time!

Once the Nano-Cell is placed into the self-aligning precision slot within the Sample Holder tip, the O-rings and lid are sealed and the system is ready for vacuum testing. As the tip is removable, the internal liquid tubing can be replaced at any time to avoid clogging/cross-contamination and can be cleaned.

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