Modular Sample Holder

Providing reliable results
and peace of mind

The Ocean Sample Holder introduces the Nano-Cell and liquid environment to the TEM. After assembling the Sample Holder, it is tested in the vacuum test station and ready for inserting into the microscope. The Ocean was developed in conjunction with leaders in liquid in situ TEM and provides users clean reliable results.

Replaceable Inner Tubing

Ensure a clean experiment with reliable results

Removing the internal tubing and replacing it with new clean tubing can be performed in minutes and provides in situ researchers with peace of mind! Labs often have multiple users/experiments ongoing within the same period of time which can lead to significant risks of cross-contamination. Due to the very small diameter of the inner tubing, particles can clog and liquid reside remaining within the tubing after flushing can cross-contaminate the experiment results. Therefore, replacing the inner tubing provides reliable results and peace of mind!

180° Rotatable Tip

Perfect for STEM imaging

When imaging in STEM mode (particularly for biological experiments), the Sample Holder tip can be removed and rotated 180° to ensure that the sample is on the top electron transparent window. This results in higher imaging resolutions as this prevents the beam from having to cross the entire liquid before reaching the sample, thus avoiding unnecessary electron scattering.

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