Creating the liquid environment within the microscope

The Nano-Cell is made up of two separate chips – bottom and top – to allow for sample loading and surface treatment of the device. In the centre of both chips is an electron transparent window for imaging and acts as a support substrate for a sample. The bottom chips haves either no spacer or a spacer of 5 um in height. The setup without spacer is most commonly used for imaging nanoparticles, biomolecules and macromolecular complexes. The 5 um spacer is used for larger samples and biological cells which require more space.

Unique Features

Extremely Clean

The highest quality micro-fabrication techniques and SiNx are used in producing the Nano-Cells. This process and the consumable feature of the Nano-Cell ensures that each experiment is free from any cross-contamination.

Reliable in Performance

Customising the experiment conditions to the application requirements can be done through nanofunctionalising the surface and selecting the best spacer. For statistical studies, the Nano-Cell is a stand out and cost effective performer.

Optimal Stability

The Nano-Cells offer easy and reliable handling during sample preparation and loading into the Sample Holder.  The robust electron transparent windows in the top and bottom chips offer very low mechanical stresses and the confidence during experimentation.

Sample Preparation

Directly deposit your sample onto the Nano-Cell

For materials research, particles can be either drop cast directly onto the device or flowed through the device. It is common that the surface is nanofunctionalised to be hydrophobic / hydrophilic based on the experiment conditions. Cell culturing can also be performed directly on top of the Nano-Cell’s bottom chip within a multi-well.

Nano-Cell overview

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