Lightning Testimonials

“Continual advancements of in situ TEM by DENSsolutions provides an exciting and ever-improving level of detail into a range of nano-scale dynamic processes. In particular, the Lightning system allows us to simultaneously heat a FeRh system through magnetic transitions with extreme stability, whilst also applying electrical pulses so that we can drive and visualise magnetic domain wall motion with unparalleled control.”
Dr. Trevor Almeida

University of Glasgow

“The ability to apply high electric-fields and to simultaneously perform high-resolution experiments at elevated temperatures is frankly impressive! The new and exciting possibilities that the DENSsolutions Lightning series offers trailblazing new directions at the forefront of materials research.”

Dr. Leopoldo Molina-Luna

Technical University of Darmstadt

“In operando TEM observations provide a unique opportunity to visualise the correlations between the electrical properties and the structural changes. The exceptional stability of the DENSsolutions holder allows the in operando TEM experiments to be performed with atomic resolution. Recently, we successfully observed structural changes of resistive switching and organic-inorganic metal-halide perovskite solar cells devices while under electrical stimulus inside a TEM”
Dr. Martial Duchamp

Nanyang Technological University