Full Integration & Automation

Heating & biasing control from one interface

Impulse offers a sleek interface that gives you complete control over your sample environment. All the controls for execution and automation of experiments and the data to monitor them, in one clean interface.

Drag & drop profile builder

Design & automate your experiment

A wide choice of parameters enables the creation of profiles that suit any sample and application. The profile is visualized while it is being created to enhance the ease of use.

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Flexible graph interface

Large canvas area for

re-arrangeable graphs

Monitor real-time only the parameters you are interested in. Add new graphs, drag and drop to re-arrange them and save a quick snapshot of the graph during your experiment.

Real-time data analysis

Plot Real-time I-V and R-T curves

Capture the dynamic structure change in situ and understand the structure-property relationship.

Synchronized stimuli data

Correlate between stimuli

Save a synchronized log-file with the data from multiple stimuli.

“When you run Impulse you feel it has been put together with the help of users and for users. No beating around the bush between different layers of windows to calibrate, set up or record data. No need for different software tools running simultaneously. No need for toggling back and forth between windows and settings. All of the relevant knobs are within sight, straightforward and easy to use, and this is a key point while running and heating and biasing experiments on delicate samples. Impulse is very intuitive and user friendly. The interface is simple yet most effective – allowing simultaneous control of temperature and bias at the flick of a switch, including set up, acquisition and recording. This is the type of tool that helps you to carry out the experiment that you WANT to do, rather than the experiment you are ABLE to do. Way to go, DENSsolutions.”

Prof. María Varela del Arco

Complutense University Madrid

“Impulse allows me to streamline my workflow. With it, I spend less time setting up my experiments and more time actually doing them, whether it is heating, biasing or both. The customization options mean I can easily control the inputs exactly as I want, whilst also letting me choose what data is fed back to me.”

Dr. Jonathan Peters

University of Warwick

“Impulse allows reliable and intuitive heating and biasing control of in situ experiments in the TEM. It has greatly improved the quality of experiments and expanded our capabilities, and yet is simple enough for beginners. Impulse is vital to our work exploring the structure and properties of delicate nano-materials.”

Dr. Lide Yao

Aalto University

“I am very delighted by the easy of use and the display features that the new Impulse software provides.
It is very important to be able to quickly control, modify and track visually the stimuli during in-situ experiments, Impulse does the job brilliantly!”

Dr. Leonardo Lari

the York-JEOL Nanocentre University of York, UK

“DENSsolutions’ Impulse is a very potent and user-friendly tool for controlling their in situ holders.
Especially the clear visual presentation of setpoints and measured values adds comfort in controlling your experiment, which you planned in the well-arranged profile builder.”

Robert Krisper


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