Software & Hardware

Fast and accurate temperature control!

The combination of the Digiheater Software and electronics control the temperature environment with the finest of accuracy. User options include Direct Control where the desired temperature is entered into the T [°C] field or Profile mode where a text file can be uploaded with a predefined temperature vs time plot for in situ ramp/quench experiments. As indicated below, once the temperature is set (e.g. 400 °C) in Direct Control, the digital read-out screen will show the real-time temperature and the stable 0.01 °C range that the fast feedback-loop and electronics maintain.

Gatan GMS3 Integration

Synchronised stimulus & data for greater analysis

DENSsolutions & Gatan have partnered to integrate the Wildfire system with the GMS3 software package creating the Wildfire In Situ Plug-in. Optimised for in situ TEM experiments, the integrated plug-in provides researchers with total control over the in situ stimuli, camera settings, images and more! In situ researchers can now incorporate EELS, microscope control and in situ settings into one simplified and streamlined quantitative analysis tool. Researchers can now spending their time and focus on understanding the dynamic results!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a profile or recipe be programmed to change temperature as a function of time?

Yes. The Digiheater software provides you with an easy and effective way of controlling the temperature. Through entering the data into a text file that pre-defines the desired time-temperature profile, that text file can then be uploaded to the software for running. Once clicking ‘Start’, the software and electronics will control the temperature of the heater according to your pre-set data. Within the Gatan GMS software, a similar process if performed. However, a recipe is created within the Wildfire plugin and can be immediately run.

How do I change the temperature in the software?
There are two options for controlling the temperature in the Digiheater software.

  1. Direct temperature change – This option allows you to type in the temperature (Tset) text field box within the software and manually change the temperature. For example, if you type 200 C and press enter, the software will immediately increase the temperature to 200 C in a few milliseconds.
  2. Setting a profile or recipe – If you would like to create a pre-programmed series of temperature points as a function of time, you can create a ‘Profile’ which using a text file the user can create any heating and cooling rates over a period of time.

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